Trailer for My Unknown : François Civil, ready to do anything to win back Josephine Japy

After the success of “the future begins”, Hugo Gélin brings together François Civil and Joséphine Japy in a romance fantasy. “My Unknown” is to be found in cinemas on April 3 next. Noticed in 2012 with the comedy As brothers, Hugo Gélin was attended by over 3.2 million spectators with Tomorrow it All Starts worn by Omar Sy. In My Unknown, it follows the character of Raphael, which is to be found the next day in a world where he never met Olivia, the woman of his life. But he is determined to reclaim that which has become a perfect unknown. The hero of My Unknown is camped by François Civil, that the French cinema is hard as it is to the poster of no less than four films in 2019. In addition to the Song of The wolf, already in the rooms, it may show up in what you believe with Juliette Binoche and the Two me, which marks his reunion with Cédric Klapisch and Ana Girardot after This that binds us. In front of him, the love of his life is embodied by Josephine Japy, view in Neuilly her mother ! and its sequel, Breathe by Mélanie Laurent or even France Gall in Cloclo. The duo is surrounded by Benjamin Lavernhe de la Comédie-Française, and Camille Lellouche. Capture d'screen Hugo Gélin and François Civil, recipient of the Male Interpretation Award at the Festival of the Alpe d’huez last January, had already collaborated on the short film The Case, as well as on the series Casting(s). My Unknown is an original screenplay by Hugo Gélin and Igor Gotesman, director of Five – in which we crossed… François Civil. The director wanted with this romantic comedy amidst the fantastic mix his French identity and its film culture is the anglo-saxon inspired by movies such as A day without end, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, It was time, Her and Life is beautiful. My Unknown out in cinemas on 3 April.

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